FAQ - Hollywood Eye Magic


Q: Will it puff my face to fill in lines giving me a full ‘chipmunk’ look?

A: Definitely not. Our serum does the exact opposite. It tucks in looking like you have had perfect surgery without the expense, pain, pulling or stretching. It is NOT a filler.

Q: Since it is a cosmetic treatment, do I need to wash it off?

A: No, it is not a makeup and has an invisible disappearing effect.

Q: Can I use it every day?

A: Yes, in fact by using it daily, the treatment is cumulative and gets better.

Q: Can I wear it with makeup?

A: Yes, or dust a bronzer on top for flawless results.

Q: What does it smell like? I don’t like strong stuff.

A: No problem, it is fragrance free.

Q: I am sensitive to many products, any side effect?

A: No, it is hypo-allergenic.

Q: Will it work better if I apply A LOT?

A: No, very little and massage or a film may occur and you would need to clean and re-apply.

Q: How long does the treatment last once I apply it?

A: First application, up to 12 hrs, with its cumulative effect to firm, tone and strengthen.

Q: Will it work on my dark circles?

A: By restoring the vitamins and nutrients needed, dark circles are reduced thereby restoring your natural color and glow.

Q: What happens if I get it in my eyes?

A: Nothing, it doesn’t sting or burn like shampoo can. If irritated, simply rinse with water.